Tactile Sensor TS-R-250

Key Features

The rubberlike structure of the TS-R-250 allows it to be attached to any surface regardless of the shape (straight, curved, irregular). The softness of the sensor makes it ideal for getting in contact with any object that needs to be gripped and where the contact force needs to be measured. Understanding the gripping force makes the process faster and more reliable, preventing the damage of fragile parts. It comes with a versatile electronic offering an analog output as well as digital communication and IOs.

Flexible rubberlike sensor which can be mounted to surfaces of any shape
Its compliance allows even to mount it onto joints and hinges of a gripper
The softness of the sensor protects fragile objects
Ultra-low weight
Smart electronic with digital IOs
Ideal for price-sensitive applications
Tactile Sensor


Pick & place
Gripping & Clamping
Soft robotics and soft grippers
Robotics in general
32 mm
Sensor dimensions only
20 g
including Sensor and electronic
0…250 kPa*
Maximum pressure to be applied
>600 kPa
Maximum compression force w/o damage
Digital communication
Others on request
Digital IOs
up to 8
Up on definition
Analog output
0…10V or 4…20mA
Proportional to sensor signal
Sampling frequency
≤2 kHz*
Maximum refreshing rate of analog output
Operating temperature
-55 to 80°C
Higher without electronic
Supply voltage
5V, 12V, 24 V or 9…36V
5 V reduces analog output to 0…5 V
* Other ranges on request

Mechanical Dimensions

Sensor thickness between 1,25 and 9 mm available, others on request

Sensor diameter between 32 and 46 mm available, others on request

Tail length (66 mm in drawing) between

10 and 90 mm


DELFA Systems GmbH Campus,

Buildung A1 1

66123 Saarbruecken

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Date: July 12, 2022

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