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Digitalization of Mechanical Functions

Based on our DELFA platform technology, we create the future of intelligent drive and sensor solutions that manifest themselves in the development and manufacturing of innovative products with unique properties and numerous practical applications.

Exemplary applications

Our vision

Our Vision is to be a market leadership in integrating and producing intelligent systems based on dielectric elastomers. Our goal is to make this unique technology and the accompanying benefits available to everyone.

We provide reflexes and sensitivity to robots, machines, and objects. Our innovative sensor solutions can be used in smart applications to record and evaluate process and position data and react to or trigger responses.

In addition, due to the low power consumption of our linear drives, we see very minimal self-heating. This benefit allows for the highest possible packing density while keeping the weight low.

We are commercializing this pioneering technology.

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Head towards the future with us.

Our sensors and intelligent drives serve as sensory organs for Industry 4.0 and AI systems. We are promoting the replacement of conventional technologies through cost-effective and energy-efficient systems to make processes more resource-efficient.

By using our intelligent systems….
• we create the fundamentals for AI-based systems or services
• we make machines and robots ready for use in Industry 4.0
• we reduce waste through predictive quality/maintenance,
• we shorten production times through process optimization,
• we improve examination methods in medicine
• we make Smart Home smarter
• we continuously record the condition of your machines/systems (condition monitoring)

Our services

Our services include standard products that we gladly adapt to your conditions. We solve your problems with you based on our sensor and drive technology. We always work in a cost-transparent way using agile project management. Our goal is to solve customer-oriented issues and react quickly to requests and changing conditions within the project.


Our portfolio includes a multitude of solutions for a wide variety of use cases. The combination of our platform technology and connected, intelligent electronics enables us to provide every machine and robot with the required reflexes. The diverse areas of application can be found here . We are eager to adapt the products to your wishes and circumstances.


In addition to our standard products, which we are eager to customize for you, we also offer services that accompany you, from the initial needs analysis and technology consulting to the first A-samples and series production. Our offers are generally cost-transparent. Through regular consultation with the customer using agile project management, the projects are always customer-oriented and can be adapted directly according to the customer's wishes.


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