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The offered services include standard products, which we are eager to adapt to your conditions. Adjustments are easily possible due to the flexibility of the technology and the manufacturing processes used. In addition, we are happy to support you in overcoming your challenges with innovative solutions based on our sensor and drive technology. As a service provider, we always work in a cost-transparent manner using agile project management. Our strength is solving customer-oriented problems, reacting quickly to requests, and changing circumstances within the project.


Our portfolio includes a variety of solutions for different applications. The combination of our platform technology and connected, intelligent electronics enables us to provide every machine and robot with the required reflexes.
The diverse areas of application can be found

General technical data of our sensor products

  • Supply voltage Uc : 12 V, 24 V, 9 -36 V
  • Measuring signal:
    • Analogue: 4…20 mA or 0…10 V
    • Serial communication (e.g. UART)
  • Digital I/O available for further functionalities
  • Direct evaluation of the sensor signal in the electronics possible
  • Operating temperature of the sensors: -40 … 200°C

Tension-Pressure Sensor

Our tension-pressure sensor can be integrated into a variety of applications in a cost-saving and installation-friendly manner. We can realize individual customer requests by considering sensor size, sensor sensitivity, force range, and surface property. The sensor can be kept flat and flexible or integrated or be provided with fixed mechanical connections on both sides.

Maximum compressive force Fd: 0 … 400 N (depending on sensor geometry also higher)
Maximum tensile force Fz: 0 … 100 N (depending on the sensor geometry also higher)
Diameter D: ≥ 36mm
Thickness t: ≥ 4mm

3-axis sensor for robots

The 3-axis sensor offers the same advantages as the 1-axis sensor, but it also enables momentums to be measured around the two lying axes x and y. This functionality is particularly useful for uneven structures or when grinding and polishing curved surfaces.

Measuring range Fz: -100 … +400 N (depending on sensor design also higher)
Measuring range Mx/My: ± 5 Nm (depending on sensor design also higher)
Overload protection: 200% FSO (depending on sensor design also higher)
Diameter D: approx. 60 mm
Thickness t: approx. 40 mm (including all flanges and electronics)

Encapsulated position sensor

We have developed the encapsulated position sensor for using our position sensor in harsh environments. It is UV-resistant and resistant to external influences such as temperature, water, or mechanical stress.

Measuring range xm: up to 100% elongation
Basic length l: 100 … 1000 mm (application-specific)

Position sensor for discrete waypoint measurement

As a replacement for discrete waypoint measurement on cylinders, our position sensor has been extended by the appropriate software. As a result, the number of mechanical components and the effort involved in assembly can be reduced. The calibration and evaluation operate directly in the sensor electronics and reports the position to a higher-level system. Due to the software-supported adjustment, serial customization is possible without mechanically retrofitting the system.

Measuring range: 0 … 50 mm, 0 … 100 mm
Basic length l: 100 / 150 mm (including attachment)

Linear actuator

The patented drive developed by us is one of the flattest drives in the world. Because almost no heat is generated, an extremely high packing density is possible, as it is, for example, required for valve terminals. The drive can be controlled proportionally without additional effort. The technical data is for orientation only. The systems can be customized according to your customer requirements.

Drive dimensions LxWxH: 70 x 49 x 5 mm
Stroke Range: Approx. 5mm
Force range: up to 10 N
Operating voltage: 12 / 24 / 9-36 V
Analog position signal: 0 – 10 V (alternatively directly via the operating voltage)


In addition to our standard products, which we are eager to customize for you, we also offer services that accompany you, from the initial needs analysis and technology consulting to the first A-samples and series production. Our offers are clearly specified and cost transparent. Through regular project meetings and agile project management, the development is carried out close to the customer and can be modified directly as desired.

Every project is as individual and different as our areas of application. Get in touch with us. We will make you an offer of our services tailored to your needs. The development success is documented by precisely defined milestones. The milestones also allow flexible project management.

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